Current Projects

 V Celeste Fahie is often working on several new projects at any given time. She works best when being creative. Below you will find a few of her recent projects. 

       The US Virgin Islands  
                                                   DecadeProsperity Roses Pin                                                                             
e US & VI Prosperity Roses are by Artist / Designer V Celeste Fahie created to attract, wealth, success, love and good fortune into your life.   
       For your special rose contact: us_viprosperityroses@vcelestefahie.com

Bush Jumbies Unmasked

Bush Jumbies Unmasked can be delivered in whole or part as Art, Spoken word, Story Telling, and /or an Educational Lecture.

Bush Jumbies Unmasked is a light and humorous  presentation with performance poetry, story telling, a lecture and art pieces. Bush Jumbies Unmasked is created around the Jumbie beliefs of the Caribbean people.

Bush Jumbies Unmasked is presented by it's creator, V. Celeste Fahie, who says "a jumbie's story is no ordinary ghost story,  A Jumbie is spoken, it's felt, it's mischievous and it speaks in a West Indian dialect."

Bush Jumbies Unmasked marks the ancestral conversations of a history past along from one generation to the next.  A history that is so diversified that it crosses into the cultures of Africa, Asia, Europe, the Caribbean and America; it also gives an account of the Scarecrow, Bogeyman, the iconic Mocko Jumbie and the Jumbie.


To schedule a Bush Jumbies Unmasked presentation,   
Ms. Fahie can be reached at  bushjumbiesumasked@vcelestefahie.com

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